San Francisco is one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. and boasts a walk score of 86 from Redfin. Those Redfin analysts recently dug a little deeper to see how neighborhoods in smaller Bay Area cities compare when it comes to walkability.

Downtown Berkeley was deemed the most walkable neighborhood in the Bay Area with a walk score of 96. “This area is especially unique because of the culture, the access to everything within walking distance and the combination of housing offered; from student housing through the university, to apartments, to traditional single family homes,” said Redfin agent Tom Hendershot.

The downtowns of San Rafael and San Mateo, along with Southside, Berkeley , each earned walk scores of 93.

Here’s how Redfin determined its list:

Walk score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities to determine a neighborhood’s Walk Score, which is a number between 0 and 100. Points are awarded based on the distance to amenities in each category. Amenities within a 5 minute walk (.25 miles) are given maximum points. A decay function is used to give points to more distant amenities, with no points given after a 30 minute walk. Walk Score also measures pedestrian friendliness by analyzing population density and road metrics such as block length and intersection density. For this particular list, Walk Score analyzed the most highly ranked neighborhoods in cities in the Bay Area with populations under 300,000.

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