Condé Nast Traveler's Jordi Lippe-McGraw takes a look at a recent WalletHub report of the happiest states in America.

The personal finance website analyzed the 50 states and District of Columbia among 28 key metrics of happiness, including including emotional health, income level, social connectivity, and sports participation rates. According to WalletHub's anlaysis, Utah is the happiest state in the country, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Colorado.

It was actually a variety of other factors that helped Utah come in at number one this time—and no, none of it had to do with income. Instead, chalk it up to a rather unique combo: the lowest incidence of heart attacks, highest volunteerism rate, lowest divorce rate, and lowest number of work hours come together to spell bliss. “Money is not a central factor in understanding happiness,” Manfred H.M. van Dulmen, Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Kent State University said as part of the study.

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