After years of rapid growth, the immigrant population in Texas reached 4.5 million people in 2014, which is about the same size as New York, according to Pew Research’s Fact Tank.

Texas and New York are now tied with the second-largest state immigrant population by size. New York had the largest immigrant population of any state from 1850 to 1970, but by 1980, California overtook New York as the state with the most immigrants, after more than doubling its immigrant population in a decade. In 2014, California’s immigrant population was the largest in the country, numbering 10.5 million – more than twice the size of New York’s and Texas’.

While New York is no longer the home to the largest number of immigrants, its immigrant population is more diverse than those of California or Texas. Large shares of California’s and Texas’ immigrant populations are from Mexico and South and East Asia. By contrast, about a quarter of immigrants in New York are from the Caribbean (24%) and another 24% are from South and East Asia. Another 19% are from Europe or Canada and Central and South America, each. Only 6% of immigrants in New York are from Mexico.

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