Tech vs. non-tech property taxes by metro.
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Tech Taxes: Tech workers nationwide that own a home pay more in annual property taxes than non-tech workers.

Zillow analyst Jamie Anderson takes a look at the reason(s), noting that owner-occupied U.S. households that are home to at least one tech worker paid $4,214 in annual property taxes in 2014 (the latest year for which data is available). In the same year, households without a tech worker paid an average of $2,885 annually. The disparity traces, of course, to the new and evolving geography of the tech industry, concentrated as it is in expensive, heavily taxed precincts like San Francisco's Bay Area, and Boston's Route 128 belt. Anderson writes:

The largest disparity between tech property taxes and non-tech taxes was in the San Jose metro, at the heart of tech-heavy Silicon Valley. As of 2014, 15 percent of the San Jose area’s households were home to at least one tech worker, but those households paid 22.3 percent of the metro’s residential, owner-occupied property taxes (table 1). And, at least in Silicon Valley, this disparity isn’t just the product of tech workers owning more expensive homes (which they do).

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