domestic migration's renewed Snow Belt to Sun Belt patterns.

An increasing number of Americans are moving to southern states, seeking warmer climate, affordable housing, lower taxes and less congested cities in the Sun Belt. It's not a new phenomenon, but the momentum has picked up again--and in new directions--after the Great Recession slowdown.

RealtyTrac analyst Octavio Nuiry offers top lines of a RealtyTrac dive into Census Bureau data on American moving patterns entitled, “The Next Great Migration of ‘Housing Refugees’ On The Move,” looks at domestic migration in an historical light, following the cycles of economic growth and downturns as they influenced prior migratory patterns. Nuiry writes:

Snow Belt-to-Sun Belt migrants are America’s “housing refugees,” middle-class workers displaced from states like New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey and Maryland because of high housing prices, diminishing jobs and high taxes. Sunshine and warm weather have helped the Sun Belt ascendancy. But the key forces driving people to the Sun Belt are largely economic — notably lower housing prices, job creation and lower taxes.

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