WCNC's Xavier Walton reports that a local real estate agent has been hospitalized after a real estate company claims that a potential buyer drugged her.

The agent, who was showing a model home in a new subdivision in Union County, N.C., had her stomach pumped after a toxicology screening detected traces of the date rape drug in her water bottle that was left on a desk in the model home that day. A customer that was acting suspicions while visiting the home on two separate occasions was spotted near the desk.

The warning goes on to say that the realtor drank from her water bottle that was left on the desk unattended. Within 20 minutes, her heart started racing, legs went numb, and she was taken to the hospital. According to the letter, a toxicology screening of her bottle found traces of the date rape drug. Officials didn’t confirm those details, but the police report says the suspect’s weapon of choice was drugs.

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