While Silicon Beach's Playa Vista will host tech companies like Yahoo, YouTube, and Google, there's another element as well, according to BELLA LA Magazine.

The 1.3-square-mile neighborhood with thousands of homes includes new apartments, townhouses, condominiums and single-family residences that cluster around parks, shopping areas and restaurants. Far from cookie-cutter planning however, community developers Brookfield Residential hand-pick designers to create distinct architectural neighborhoods that include lots of cutting-edge design details and a unique mix of high-tech and back-to-earth amenities.

While the homes come with high-tech features, there are other amenities as well.

“The parks integrate with stylish new residences and the amenities of Runway, while the booming tech and media headquarters are practically next door,” says Alison Girard, Playa Vista’s Director of Marketing for Brookfield Residential.

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