2005 Local Leaders


Builder's June issue includes the annual Local Leaders report, which ranks the top 10 builders in each of the 75 largest new-home markets in the country. This year's rankings reveal that the top 10 national builders captured the number one position in 35 of the top 75 markets in 2005. That's in contrast to 2001, when the top 10 national builders topped the lists in 30 of the top 50 markets.

The Local Leaders report also ranks markets according to consolidation. Albuquerque, N.M., is the most consolidated new-home market in the country; its top 10 builders there controlled 74.2 percent of the new-home market in 2005. At the other end of the spectrum, the top 10 builders in the New York-Wayne-White Plains, N.Y./N.J. market accounted for just 5.2 percent of new-home activity.

2004 Local Leaders

The Outer Limits
This year's analysis of the nation's 75 largest housing markets reveals continued domination by the top builders and hot spots in the South and West. Among the trends: Three of the country's top markets are being redefined as rising home prices and job migration force growth out. 2004 Local Leaders Listing

  • Super Markets
    For the first time, our Local Leaders list includes 75 markets. Some clear winners and losers emerge.
  • Opportunity Knocks
    The biggest builders continue to control many of the top markets, but others among the top 75 areas defy domination.
2003 Local Leaders

Playing The Percentages
Builders ride high or ride out the storm, depending on the market.

2002 Local Leaders

The Dominators
Achieving the top spot in a local market is a coup for any builder, even if it only translates into 4 percent or 5 percent market share, a pretty typical figure for the leading builder. But being king of the hill can provide more than a PR boost.

2001 Local Leaders

Local Leaders
There are many familiar names in this list of the top 10 builders in the 50 hottest markets. Four builders were tops in 22 of the 50 markets, but these lists show that building is still a local business. Local builders in each market maintained prominent positions in 2001.