Zillow's interactive listings terms tool
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Data rocks when it can drive action. In this case, Zillow tasked its mammoth knowledge-base of sellers' listing terms, and generated patterns between frequent use and better sales.

Here, Zillow data scientist Chris Sipola notes that after selecting a state in the tile map, the interactive is set up so that a word cloud will populate with that state’s popular phrases. The same phrases will appear in the table along with the frequency statistics that determine the size and color of the phrases in the word cloud. Here's a look at a Sipola observation on some of the results:

In areas prone to natural disasters, homeowners and agents are quick to point out when their home is up to snuff. For example, in Florida, listings were more than 100 times as likely to mention hurricane shutters and 700 times as likely to mention impact windows. In Oklahoma – the heart of Tornado Alley – listings are more than 100 times as likely to mention storm shelters. Louisiana listings are 35 times as likely to indicate whether the home is in a high-risk flood zone. California listings are more likely to mention earthquake insurance (more than 100 times as likely) and drought-resistant landscaping (45 times as likely).

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