LA's Turf Removal Program, which offered rebates to those that replaced their lawns with synthetic turf, was recently banned once it became apparent that the plastic was sending precious runoff down the drain. Co.Exist staffer Charlie Sorrel explained that the turf was removed from the rebate program and the city's Department of Water and Power now focuses on letting rainwater drain into the ground and plants that wisely use water.

The program now requires 50% coverage of California friendly plants, limits the amount of rock/gravel that can be used to 25% of the project area, and requires rainfall-capture techniques:

The limits on rocks minimize the "heat-island" effect, lowering the surface temperature on a property by not capturing and storing the sun's energy. Plastic turf also retains more heat than regular soil, and the elimination of these two heat retainers should also reduce the need for air conditioning.

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