Johnson Development Co. is in the process of selecting home builders for its 590-acre master-planned community in Richmond, Texas, southwest of Houston, and recently announced the name for the project – Veranda – according to Paul Takahashi of the Houston Business Journal.

The named stems from Jane Long, the “Mother of Texas,” who started her plantation on the land and founded a boarding house called The Veranda Hotel in downtown Richmond. “Jane Long was an important part of Richmond’s history and we wanted to somehow incorporate that history into our new community. But with so many communities with references to Long in the area, we just knew we couldn’t use that name,” said Trey Reichert, general manager of Veranda. “Seeing those photos of the homes with verandas and the Veranda Hotel sealed it for me. This name was meant to be.”

Johnson Development is expected to break ground on the land this summer. Construction on up to 2,500 homes is expected to start in early 2017.

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