Following Donald Trump's election, mortgage rates increased and tech stocks fell, both of which play a huge role in the Bay Area housing market. San Francisco Chronicle staffer Kathleen Pender takes a look at how Donald Trump's presidency can shake up the housing market in the Bay Area.

Pender points out the effects that could come if President-elect Trump successfully repeals the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and the possible effect on rent if undocumented immigrants are deported. Of special interest to the Bay Area is the effect of his presidency on the tech market, who could be left with less buying power:

But within tech, “there are winners and losers. Certainly the alternative energy companies stand to lose because he doesn’t want any preferential treatment of any particular energy sources,” said Selma Hepp, a vice president of business intelligence with Pacific Union. But biotech stocks got a bump after the election. Trump’s platform includes reforming the Food and Drug Administration.

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