Total per-capita expenditures rose by 3.6% in 2015.

Nationwide, the average rate of personal-consumption spending per capita was $38,196, according to the Commerce Department’s latest data on state-level consumer spending in 2015. When broken down state-by-state, D.C. had the highest average personal-consumption cost at $55,078, while Mississippi had the lowest, at $29,330. Total expenditures rose 3.6% in 2015 nationwide, with a high of 5.2% in DC and a low of 1.5% in Wyoming.

The Wall Street Journal’s Ben Leubsdorf highlights a few of the ways in which that the exact makeup of these per-capita expenditures varies state-by-state, based on data from the Commerce Department report. For instance, New Jersey residents spend twice as much on average on housing as West Virginia residents. Health-care spending is twice as high in Alaska as in Utah. Per-capita grocery spending is highest in Vermont, and North Dakotans have the highest energy bills.

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