heat-mapping the hipsters

Hipster heat-maps give those who want to avoid hipster havens a fair shake at geo-locating a home or apartment in a neighborhood that's not over-priced, over-pretentious, and over-run by skinny jeans and meticulously-coiffed hirsuteness.

Trulia hipster-hater (tongue-firmly-in-cheek) Peter Black notes that Trulia has identified hipster hotspots in the top 10 cities where they most likely cluster and take their #squadgoal selfies using the following criteria:

  • Overpriced Retail Stores:
  • Over-priced Barbershops
  • Consignment Stores
  • Healthy Places
  • Dive Bars, Brunch and Food Trucks
  • Dog Walkers

It's all a hoot. Caution, when you read Peter Black's merciless lambaste, you may experience a twinge of sympathy.

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