A mail-ballot measure has passed in Sacramento that provides good news for home builders, according to Sacramento Business Journal staffer Ben van der Meer.

A moratorium for building in Natomas, a community in northwestern Sacramento, ended a year ago under the condition that flood control managers make ongoing progress in providing 200-year-flood protection there.

The ballot measure that passed by a three-quarters majority last week will improve flood control in the region. According to the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, the assessment replaced a previous one from 2007 attached to property tax bills. The new assessment will generate $250 million for levee upgrades, repairs and maintenance. Specific projects covered by the assessment include seven miles of cutoff walls between downtown Sacramento and the Pocket, work on streams in North Sacramento, raising Folsom Dam by three feet and 21 miles of levee improvements in Natomas.

“We’re very pleased, and even more pleased considering the sizable resources we put in,” said Ioannus Kazanis, a spokesman for the North State Building Industry Association. He said the $140,000 the group spent encouraging passage of the measure represented about half of all the spending in support of it.

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