Conde Nast Traveler rounds up a list of the places readers determined to be the friendliest and unfriendliest cities in the United States.

In 2015, the publication surveyed 128,000 readers to find which towns in which they felt the most and least welcome. According to the results, the three friendliest cities are Charleston, S.C., Park City, Utah, and Savannah, Ga. The least friendly cities are Newark, N.J., Oakland, Calif., and Atlantic City, N.J.

"Atlantic City is a shame," said one reader. "It is not safe to leave the boardwalk. The beach is okay but there are so many beautiful beaches along the coast that AC is not outstanding. It could be a boon to NJ if the surrounding areas could be cleaned up." "It's a strange, split-personality town: an odd mix of grinding poverty and over-the-top conspicuous consumption. The promise of casino-funded urban renewal never really materialized."

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