Forbes has put out its 2016 ranking of the best cities for raising a family, and Utah claimed three of the top 15 spots, including the Provo-Orem metro area placing first, staffer Samantha Sharf reports.

The Provo-Orem metro, about 40 miles south of Salt Lake, has 585,800 residents, 33% of whom are under 18, making it the youngest place on the list.

The median household income in Provo-Oren is $60,647, which ranks it among the top third of large metro areas but is near the bottom of the pack for our top family cities. By our calculations, the biggest drawback of raising a family in Provo-Orem is that NAHB finds just 67.6% of homes in the area are affordable to those making the local median income, putting it in the bottom half of large metro areas on housing affordability.

Here’s how Forbes compiled its list:

· median household income (data from the Census Bureau)

· the percentage of owner-occupied households (also Census)

· percent of population under 18 (Census again)

· average commuting delays (Texas Transportation Institute)

· violent crime rates per 100,000 inhabitants (FBI)

· local school quality (

· cost of childcare by state (the percentage of income an average two parent family spends on child care for two school age kids-Childcare Aware)

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