The country's 100 largest home builders captured incrementally more of the new, for-sale housing market in 2003, closing 393,178 U.S. homes, 15.6 percent more than those companies built the year before. That gives the Builder 100 34 percent of the new-home market, as measured by new-home sales (1.085 million) and attached for-sale completions (i.e. condos, of which there were 56,000). In 2002, the Builder 100's market share was 33 percent, reflecting the strong year all builders had. Collectively, the Builder 100 generated $107.9 billion in revenues, up 21.7 percent from the prior year.

The top 10 builders, meanwhile, delivered 220,851 homes last year, a 15.1 percent increase, while boosting revenues 21.2 percent. The Builder 100, including local leaders listings for the top builders in the nation's largest 50 housing markets, is available in the May issue of BUILDER magazine and at