Tuft Construction has obtained a full right-of-way permit for an alleyway in the Highland neighborhood of North Denver. Their condo project's neighbors had frequently reported the company to city government for blocking the alley, and for alleged permit violations.

The residents of the Highland neighborhood in North Denver, which is comprised mostly of old, Victorian-style brick homes, has clashed for months with Tuft Construction over the modern-style, 12-unit condo building currently under construction in the area. Neighbors of the project, who maintain that it does not mesh with the character of its historic neighborhood, have made multiple complaints about the project, including alleged permit violations and the occasional blocking of an alleyway.

The issue came to a head on Monday, when Tuft Construction posted a message saying that the aforementioned alley, a parking lane, and a bike lane would be closed until the completion of the project “due to the conduct of a few residents.”

"After discussion with the city, Tuft Construction determined that it had no choice but to obtain a full right-of-way permit to end the constant challenges and drain on city and project resources," Tuft Construction's lawyer said in a statement.

Residents take Tuft's message as a sign of disrespect, and feel the city is only concerned about money and development.

The company has not given an estimated completion time for the project.
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