Brentwood’s neighboring city, Nashville, has taken a very different, and much faster, approach to growth.

While Nashville has grown at a record rate, according to News Channel 5’s Emily Luxen, its suburban neighbor, Brentwood, Tenn. has only opened itself to two new commercial developments and one new residential development in recent years. The 17-acre Hill Center Brentwood is currently under construction, while City Place’s retail and restaurants have just opened. (The 393-unit Tapestry condo, built some years ago, was not well-received.)

According to City Manager Kirk Bednar, no new projects are in the works, beyond redevelopment on existing land. He said the city’s philosophy has remained the same since it was incorporated: maintain low density and residential areas. “It’s the same philosophy the city was founded on 50 years ago…we just updated our long range plan and went through citizen surveys over the last couple of years. The ideas weren’t that different than they were before.”

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