As production home builders nationwide get back into the post-holidays swing of things, the bloggers are running at full force. Need your fill of home building industry insight and commentary? Here's the latest word on the street. The Wall Street Journal examines the positive effect of luxury-home sales and foreign investment on the Manhattan housing market.

The Housing Bubble blog identifies standing inventory as an issue the industry continues to tiptoe around.

Seeking Alpha posits some interesting mortgage math.

The for-sale housing industry's woes could be cause for celebration in the rental sector. John Lansner of the O.C. Register looks at the multifamily markets.

Dr. Housing Bubble diagnoses ill-fated flips in California's Culver City.

Based on the Fed's Dec. 11 FOMC Minutes, Seeking Alpha notes that 2008 may be written off as a lost cause with 2009 stepping in as the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Inman News blog suggests that, as 1.4 million homeowners face foreclosure over the next 12 months, Realtors could foster improved lead generation for 2008 by following up with former clients.

BusinessWeek's Hot Property blog predicts a happy New Year instore for potential first-time home buyers.