From Anchorage to Omaha there are numerous cities that are great for you if you are looking to finally become a homeowner. CNBC staffer Kathleen Elkins takes a look at the top 15 cities from SmartAsset's 2016 report of the best cities for first-time home buyers, which ranked every city in the U.S. that featured a population above 30,000.

According to this list the best state for first-time home buyers may be Oklahoma as it features both the first and second-ranked cities on the list, Oklahoma City and Tulsa respectively. Here are the metrics that SmartAsset used:

...the number of mortgage lenders, loan funding rate, value per square foot of home, affordability ratio (the ratio of median household income to ownership costs), homeowner stability, market volatility and the number of quarters since 2010 that home prices declined.

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