Though there are various metrics for measuring wealth, such as net worth or gross metropolitan product per capita, Houston Chronicle staffer Sabrina Perry writes that the team used data from the American Community Survey to look at the average per capita income in American cities larger than 4,000 people.

The topline takeaway, Perry notes, is that many of the top 20 cities are small suburbs of major metro areas, which tend to be where highly-paid, wealthy people dwell. Perry writes:

The skilled nature of many high-paying jobs warrants higher levels of education. And, affluent areas tend to attract married couples who have, or are planning on having, children. This might help explain why marriage rates and education levels are above average in the majority of these towns. According to the most recent 2014 estimates from the American Community Survey, only 48.4 percent of U.S. adults were married and 29.3 percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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