top 10 markets for people with financial IQs and Ps and Qs.

WalletHub research maven Richie Bernardo looks at the new geography of household finance "innumeracy" and skill in a post entitled, "2016’s Best & Worst Cities at Money Management."

Bernardo notes that basic household finance skills and practices are pervasively challenged. He writes that the average credit score in the U.S.—668, which is considered “fair” by the most common scoring models—reflects a shortage of fiscal prowess in our nation. Nearly one in four adults, for instance, confess to not paying their bills on time. Eeek! Bernardo checks out root causes for many Americans' trouble with basic home budgeting.

The strength of our money-management skills as adults depends heavily on our financial role models growing up. According to a study by T. Rowe Price, “Seventy-two percent of parents experience at least some reluctance to talk to their kids about financial matters,” indicating the proportion of us who are bound to lack the know-how later in life.


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