The suburbs give people the benefits of being near the big city without actually being in the big city. Zippia staffer Chis Kolma takes a look at the site's list of the top-10 suburbs and explains the criteria that was considered when creating the list.

For the list, Zippia considered the unemployment rate, median household income, population density, home values, and percent of people with a college education. After taking note of additional factors, West University Place, TX came out on top:

Of all of the places we looked at in this analysis, West University Place was one of the most educated and well-paid in the country. Yep, that’s right, Northeast: Texas. A staggering 88% of residents in this suburb have a college degree—the fourth highest in the nation (in terms of suburbs.)

Rounding out the list: Chevy Chase, MD; Piedmont, CA; Kenilworth, IL; Hoboken, NJ; Bellaire, TX; Pelham Manor, NY; Key Biscayne, FL; Hermosa Beach, CA; Manhattan Beach, CA.

We would note that some of these places are cities unto themselves, notably, Hoboken, a densely urban virtual extension of Manhattan's Greenwich Village connected by rail tubes under the Hudson River, where the only green grass is in the parks, and not much of it at that.

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