The latest U.S. Census Bureau data reveals that the percentage of sandwich homes (households that feature the children, parents, and grandparents) has increased to 4.3% from 3.6% in 2006. Trulia's blog explored the trend and found two big factors behind it, economics and the changing demographic landscape of America.

Additionally, Trulia found the top 10 markets for sandwich homes in the country. In the midwest:

Overall, white households outnumber black, 57.8% to 19.2%, but both racial groups make up a little more than a quarter of sandwich-generation households (29% and 27.6%).

Long Island, New York is the number 8 market and is charactertized by diversity among its sandwich homes:

Nassau and Suffolk counties rank the highest on the list and their sandwich generation households are diverse: 45% white, 18% black, 26% Hispanic, and 9% Asian.

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