Austin rules as Forbes' fastest-growing city

Forbes staffer Erin Carlyle probes into the whys and wherefores of newly resurgent American migration and the evolving geography of metropolitan jobs.

Carlyle notes that as companies try to match their growth trajectories to a talent-base, they begin to look at the combination of educational attainment, housing affordability, and age demographics that comprise a "thick" pool of people to draw into their organizations. The result is a "fastest-growing cities" list where young, highly-educated people can find housing that fits their budget. Here's a top line look at what Forbes researchers found:

California and Florida each place four metro areas on our 2016 list, while North Carolina and Texas scored two cities each. Austin regains the No. 1 spot after being toppled by Houston last year. Thanks to its booming technology, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, low cost of living, and cachet, the Austin economy remains on fire. Hordes of people are moving in (Austin’s projected 3.15% population growth rate in 2016 is the highest among the 100 metro areas we examined) to take advantage of Austin’s job opportunities (employment expanded 3.28% last year).

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