In a sign of difficult it can be to come to consensus on the local government level, an Oregon town paid InterCommunicationsInc of Newport Beach, Calif., to name a big 1,400-home housing development. Then it rejected the suggestion altogether, reports OregonLive's Allen Brettman.

The agency arrived at that name as well as a color palette, logo, typography font and "brandline," and other features to help offer a cohesive marketing message for the 1,400-acre former farmland.

The earthy color palette, sans-serif font and brandline made the cut to promote Oregon's largest planned housing development.

Instead, it went with what the development had been called for years.

The city stuck with "South Hillsboro," the shorthand name that's been used for years and which was on full display Tuesday when government officials and property developers officially christened the start of construction.

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