Walkable, affordable, and near great schools.

For most families, the proverbial "triple-threat" all-stars of residential real estate would be locations that blend affordability, walkability, and excellent school systems. Only to be exceeded by a locale that adds "full of good, well-paying jobs" to the mix.

Redfin WalkScore analyst Eric Scharnhorst starts his analysis here with a counter-intuitive insight: neighborhoods with a mix of home prices are three times more likely to be walkable and have highly rated schools than are purely affordable neighborhoods. He goes on to say that even purely high-end neighborhoods don't tend to wind up being as walkable as communities with a mix of real estate.

So, here Redfin ranked the 170 balanced-mix and affordable neighborhoods by their Walk Scores and GreatSchools school ratings and found that only 24, or 14%, actually meet those common demands.

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