Brookings Institution Metro Monitor Map

The Brookings Institution Metro Monitor aims to advance new ways of measuring economic success in metropolitan America with in-depth analyses of regional economic trends.

Updated throughout the year, these analyses will seek to help leaders understand in greater depth the factors and trends that contribute to or hinder progress toward increasing growth, prosperity, and inclusion and how new models of economic development can help deliver an advanced economy that works for all. Here's a top line insight, for free:

Growth indicators capture change in the total size of a metropolitan area’s economy. As a metropolitan economy grows, it creates new opportunities for individuals and can become more efficient as it grows larger. Growth indicators capture change in:

  • Jobs: Total full- and part-time jobs. Source: Moody's Analytics
  • Gross metropolitan product (GMP): Total value of goods and services produced in a metropolitan economy. Source: Moody's Analytics
  • Aggregate wages: Total value of wages, salaries, and benefits paid to all workers. Source: Moody's Analytics
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