A row of townhomes on Kendrick Pines Blvd. in The Woodlands. Only 1,000 single-family lots remain in the community.

After 43 years of residential development, The Woodlands master-plan has just 1,000 single-family lots left on its 28,000-acre premises, but the community’s continuing commercial and medical development is going strong.

Alex Sutton, co-president of The Woodlands Development Co., plans to meet the Houston-area community’s continuing popularity with more high-density projects. The most recent project on this scale is Hughes Landing, a mixed-use community which combines a luxury mid-rise, three office towers, and retail space. 900 more acres of commercial development are in the works, and a new hospital, Houston Methodist The Woodlands, is expected to open with 200 beds and 600 employees in July 2017.

The Woodlands’ residential, retail and medical sectors are still booming despite the oil slump. And with oil hovering around $50 a barrel, companies are starting to hire again after announcing thousands of job cuts. Last year, The Woodlands reached 1.5 jobs per resident, Sutton said.

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