The “Worldwide Tokyo-ization Project,” might sound eerie. What would it look like if every city took on the characteristics of one major metropolis? Japanese architect Daigo Ishii had thought about these questions and expressed them through a video installation showcasing the outcome, describes CityLab contributor Mimi Kirk.

The series, on display at the Venice Architecture Biennale until November 27, gives six major cities some Tokyo flair by overlaying characteristic details of the city, such as as neon signage, advertisements, vending machines, and kawaii (cute) stuffed animals on images of Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, La Paz, New York, Paris, and Venice.

The result is something of a hybrid—neither Tokyo nor the original city, but an urban space oddly and compellingly in between. Jeremiah Budin of Curbed wrote, “We can’t stop looking at them. Against all odds, we actually really want this to happen in real life.”

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