A $300 million luxury resort fortress, Trident Lakes, is being planned for wealthy doomsday preppers in Texas. Off the Grid News staffer Daniel Jennings takes a looks at the new resort which will consist of 400 underground condominiums that will serve as survival bunkers and above-ground amenities such as an 18-hole golf course, driving range, polo fields, and lagoon.

Trident Lakes will be surrounded by a 12-ft wall that will keep out less-affluent survivors and will be able to house about 1,600 people. According to the Houston Chronicle, the community will also include its own off-grid food, water, and energy sources:

“We’ve evolved it into long-term sustainability instead of a survival community,” O’Connor said. “The concept is to build a community that will last two centuries or longer. That means we’re looking at designs that include earth structures that won’t be exposed to the elements.”

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