The two tiny homes planned for Peete Street in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Bradley Cooper of Start Small Homes has listed two 690-square-foot tiny houses in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati for $194,900 each. Cooper’s initial 2014 plan was to build a one-story, 200-square-foot home that would sell for $80,000, and use the money from that sale to build a second, low-income home, but he found his vision difficult to carry out.

"I worked from the spring (of this year) until now trying to get the price down from a construction standpoint and figure out how I could move forward with the income restriction," [Cooper] told [Andy Brownfield of the Cincinnati Business Courier]. "I was running through all my options and running into a lot of dead ends." That's why he decided to forgo making a low-income house – at least for now – and make two "larger" tiny single-family homes.

Construction will begin on each tiny home once it is sold. Each home will include two bedrooms and two bathrooms, solar panels, and Net-Zero Energy Building certification.

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