Urban farming has become a growing trend in recent years and farm-centric communities are winning with buyers. Here, Redfin managing editor Natalie Schwab presents the ten cities across the nation that are best for urban farming, where consumers can grow herbs and small crops of vegetables on a rooftop, raise chickens in their backyard, or plant food in a community garden.

Eugene, Ore., made the top of the list for the best city for urban farming. The city had 20.5% of its listing include key words like ‘greenhouse,’ ‘garden’ and ‘chicken’:

According to Eugene-or.gov, there are six community gardens in Eugene, with a total of more than 300 plots. The City of Eugene has also played a big role in facilitating urban agriculture by allowing residents to keep more animals, like chickens and goats, on their property. “The City of Eugene is proud of the land use standards related to keeping farm animals on property inside the city limits, known as the Urban Animal Keeping Standards,” Kristie Brown, land use supervisor for the City of Eugene, told Redfin. “They allow an increase in the number of farm animals allowed, while addressing compatibility and neighborhood livability issues within the urban environment. The standards are intended to facilitate urban agriculture and support locally produced food for greater sustainability and livability.”

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