Elon Musk plans to redefine transportation with Tesla innovations, and he's going to continue at a new factory in Nevada reports WIRED's Jack Stewart. Dubbed the Gigafactory, Tesla's space is under construction and will house the factory where the company will build the batteries that power its electric vehicles. The factory is currently 14% finished. So far the company has been importing the batteries from Asia, but must produce them in the U.S. in order to keep up with their 500,000 car per year goal. Stewart writes:

“The factory is the machine that builds the machine,” Musk says, sitting in the lobby of his new building. When finished, the Gigafactory will cover 5.8 million square feet. Musk, never given to understatement, promises it will be beautiful. Plans call for a jewel-shaped building topped by a roof glittering with solar panels. Crews broke ground in June, 2014, and Musk says EV batteries will start coming off the assembly line next year.

Those crews work among the Tesla employees already building Powerall and Powerpack home and industrial energy storage units using cells built at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. (The company plans to start producing cells, which are combined to form the big packs in cars, at the Gigafactory.) Robots will do much of the work in the factory.

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