A DNA preservation vault is one of the many personal security features to be offered at the Dallas-area Trident Lakes community.

Dallas-based Vintuary Holdings has received approval to begin building Trident Lakes, a 400-unit condo community northeast of Dallas. The project, which developer James O’Connor describes as a “long-term sustainable” community, is set to include an equestrian center, a golf course, retail space, and multiple helipads – as well as a 12-foot wall, security watchtowers, and mostly-underground living spaces with air-lock blast doors.

These disaster-proof condos are expected to sell in the mid-six-figure range, for which residents will earn access to a wide array of luxury amenities and security features. In the event of an emergency the community can run on off-grid water and energy, and air purification systems and a tunnel network are in the planning stages. Residents may also choose to store family DNA in the community’s DNA vault for use in later technological breakthroughs.

The community is expected to be move-in ready by 2018. Vintuary Holdings has purchased land in Ohio with the intent of developing a similar community, but no other details are available.

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