A 2Q2008 report from Metrostudy identified Los Angeles/Coastal, the San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore, Houston, and San Diego as the five most land-constrained markets in terms of months' supply of vacant developed lot inventory, prompting Big Builder to launch an online survey to gauge our readers' reactions.

While 42.9% of respondents agreed with the report's findings, 14.3% disagreed, with one respondent stating, "Houston should never be in that list;" 42.9% were unsure as they were unaware of market specifics in those areas.

When asked to name other select markets that have started to become land constrained, respondents pointed to Seattle/Bellevue, Las Vegas, New York City, and urban areas in general.

A strong majority of respondents said they plan to buy land in the near future at 57.1%. As one respondent explained, "Banks will be forced to sell land at steep discounts. Deals will be available.

However, 28.6% said they did not plan to buy land in the near future, and 28.6% were unsure. "I think the market is still trending downward," noted one respondent. "Even more importantly, land sellers have not lowered their prices enough."

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