This little piece of Southern California land is so challenged that even a seasoned team of professionals, experienced at turning a profit by making forsaken infill sites into places where people want to live, had their doubts that it could be done this time.

Yet the Southern California dream team of land planners, architects, builders, and number crunchers assembled by Big Builder energetically took on the task of doing just that with this 6.4-acre concrete batch plant in Montclair, Calif.

The dream team had five weeks to come up with a workable plan in time for Big Builder's 2009 Virtual Event, which kicks off today. Tune into at 1:15 p.m. Pacific today to register for the free live Webinar (and an additional 18-plus hours of industry-specific educational programming) and see the creative, elegant solution the team conjured up for this industrial site in California's Inland Empire.

In the meantime, consider the challenge.

This piece of land is surrounded by some challenging land uses: a busy highway, an electrical substation, more industrial blight, and a commuter rail line leading to Los Angeles. Yet the location, within a quick stroll of the commuter train and a few blocks drive from I-10, is its one real asset.

The team considered four types of product: a 27-unit-per-acre townhouse development for which it is currently zoned; a single-family community at 17 units per acre; apartments at 24 units an acre; and cottages at 23 units an acre.

Only two of the four designs would turn a profit. Log on to find out which one worked best. You're likely to be surprised at the answer and delighted by the innovative, attractive product design the team conjured up with the potential to make the site's negatives fade into the background. Plus, if you tune in for the live Webinar, you'll have a chance to quiz the team--Tim Kane, MBK Homes; Randy Jackson, The Planning Center; Jason Perrin, Greencrossing Real Estate Cos.; Mike Disler, fmr Pulte Homes; Manny Gonzalez, KTGY; and John Martin, Martin & Associates--about their processes and their solutions.

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