Pulte has offered the Briarwood Park Conservancy $200,000 and a land donation in exchange for permission to build an access road to its new development in the park.

Pulte Homes is considering buying two properties in the city of Brookhaven, G.A., demolishing their existing apartment complexes, and building an upscale townhouse and condo development in their place. But, according to Joel Reed, vice president of operations at PulteGroup, the investment in this land would not be worthwhile unless Pulte is allowed to build an access road through a nearby city park.

Currently, the only access road for Pulte’s proposed development is nearby Buford Highway. But according to Reed, prospective buyers would not “be very excited” if they had to enter their community from a highway, or if their $700,000 home had a highway address.

Local residents have formed a Briarwood Park Conservancy group in order to oppose the potential access road. Pulte has offered the conservancy a $200,000 donation, as well as a small stretch of land adjacent to the park, in exchange for permission to build the road.

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