Pulte Group is looking for approval to build 1,000 homes and 423 apartment units on 731 acres in Westfield, Ind.

A public hearing on a potential Pulte Group development project in Westfield, Indiana drew many concerned local residents to Westfield City Hall on Tuesday night. Many, like local resident Leah Severson, expressed a strong opposition to the development.

"[The city’s comprehensive plan] calls for wide open spaces, greenery, nature … that's why moved to this part of town," Severson said. "That was the city's goal. Now, a developer with lots of money…[is] staring at our shining golf course and saying, 'I want that.' It's frustrating."

Over 700 signatures have already been collected on a petition opposing the Pulte Group plan.

If approved, the plan would add 1,000 homes and 423 apartment units on 731 acres, which are currently zoned as agricultural and single-family rural land. More hearings on the development are expected in the future.

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