A concept for a single-family North Corktown home by Christian Hurttienne Architects.

Christian Hurttienne Architects has received approval to begin construction on its new single-family home project in Detroit, Michigan’s North Corktown neighborhood. The architecture firm has designed two new-single family homes in cooperation with its new home owners and helped its client families find traditional financing for the homes’ construction, which is set to begin this spring. Each of the homes is valued at about $200,000.

Christian Hurttienne principal Brian Hurttienne aims to find more potential home owners and expand the project further. “Our goal is to find a small group of home owners who want to build at the same time so we can be efficient with our building process,” he said.

“We support this project and greatly appreciate the fact that the concept was brought to our group’s attention for comment prior to initiation,” said Paul Emery, president, North Corktown Neighborhood Association. “Our group would like to work with developers to balance new development with preserving of some of the green and open spaces, which make the neighborhood such a desirable place to live.”

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