A rendering of Lennar CEO Stuart Miller’s 11 Star Island mega-mansion project.

The Miami Beach Board of Adjustment has approved Stuart Miller’s construction plan for his 11 Star Island property in Miami Beach. Miller, CEO of BUILDER 100’s #2-ranked Lennar Corp, filed plans for 11 Star Island to the Board in May, but final approval for some variances, including an elevation change and increases in lot coverage and unit size, was given on Friday morning.

Miller will be building a “mega-mansion” on the Star Island property, which will cover a 120,000 square-foot area, including exterior spaces. The two-story mansion will be built around an open lagoon with a waterfall, and the property will feature underground parking, dedicated guest houses, yacht dockage and more. Domo Architecture + Design is designing the property.

Miller paid $27 million for the 11 Star Island property in 2006. He also owns 22 Star Island, where he owns an existing 1931 mansion and is building another, modern two-story mansion.

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