Fast Company's Ben Schiller shares the findings of a new report that ranks the cities in America that are moving the fastest toward "walkable urbanism."

Compiled by Smart Growth America, an advocacy group, and academics at the George Washington University School of Business, the report names New York City; Washington, D.C.; Boston; Chicago; San Francisco; and Seattle the most walkable. The second tier includes Portland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

It also shows that walkable development commands a big rental premium over the drivable, suburban type (a 90% advantage for office space, for example), and that walkable metros are also more "socially equitable." That's because of lower transport costs and better access to employment: Moderate income households in the top six most walkable urban metros spent 9.6% less on average for transport compared to the lowest ranked places (19% versus 28.6% of their budgets).

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