The Las Vegas Planning Commission has voted down EHB’s initial residential development request for the Badlands Golf Course.

Developer EHB Cos has withdrawn a portion of its development application for the Badlands Golf Course in Las Vegas after its proposition was voted down by the Planning Commission last month. As of the withdrawal the plan has shrunk from over 2,400 possible units to just 720 on the far east end of the golf course property.

Yohan Lowie, CEO and founder of EHB, said Thursday the companies decided to pull that part of the plan and look at “all options” for the property.

Numerous residents of the local Queensridge neighborhood have spoken out against the initial development proposal, but a significant contingent also expressed its support, citing a desire to make their community more vibrant. The Clark County School District has predicted that the larger proposal would bring in 350 more elementary school students.

The City Council will evaluate EHB’s withdrawal request, as well as the remaining 720-unit proposal, at its meeting on November 16th.

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