The Stoneyhurst Quarry in Potomac, Md., mined gneiss and mica schist (similar to granite) for area homes, bridges, and local landmarks like the National Cathedral and the National Zoo for close to 100 years, but now the site features a 97-unit luxury condominium complex, reports MarketWatch staffer Daniel Goldstein.

Bethesda, Md.-based 1788 Holdings took up the project’s reins when the first developer died in 2005 before those plans commenced. Its co-owner Larry Goodwin saw the looming quarry walls as both a challenge and opportunity. “We had envisioned it from the start to have a series of terraces so we could keep the natural walls,” he said. He sank more than $3 million into landscaping efforts, building the quarry walls into 20-foot cement terraces hand-sculpted to look like stone, a sharp contrast with the otherwise flat, green horse country of Potomac and included native trees like red cedar, oak and cyprus.

The homes in Quarry Spring start at $1.3 million for a 2,200 square foot condo and the most expensive 4,500-square-foot three-bedroom condo is more than $4 million.

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