The Durham City Council has voted to continue its public hearing on PulteGroup’s new development until November 21st.

At the request of Patrick Byker, an attorney representing PulteGroup, the Durham, N.C. City Council has voted 5-2 to continue their public hearing on the builder’s rezoning request for an 83-acre, 300-unit housing development until November 21st.

According to Byker, PulteGroup requested the delay because it wants to explain its traffic and runoff improvements to the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association and to neighboring residents, many of whom oppose the new development on the grounds that it would increase congestion on local roads and pollute Ellerbe Creek with storm water.

Neighbors and Chris Dreps, executive director of the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association, said a delay was a waste of time.

The proposal clear cuts trees, mass grades the soils and will cover 50 percent of the area with impervious surface, Dreps said.

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