A rendering of the controversial Grove at Shore Creek development, which has met with resistance from local residents.

The Austin city council’s final hearing about the proposed re-zoning for the Grove at Shoal Creek mixed-use project will take place on September 22nd, and in the wake of the council’s final decision the controversy regarding the project has flared again, according to Jan Bucholz of the Austin Business Journal.

The Bull Creek Road Coalition, a group largely made up of nearby residents, has pointed out the Grove’s potential impact on traffic patterns and drainage with respect to flash floods. “We continue to be concerned about the assumptions used in the Grove’s traffic analysis that are either wrong, outdated or questionable,” the BCRC said in a Sept. 14 statement.

Austin’s Assistant City Managers have determined that the developer’s Traffic Impact Analysis meets the city requirements. The City Traffic Engineer, Rob Spillar, has even given the plan his official Professional Engineering seal.

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