THE TOWN OF BOULDER, COLO., WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1859 on the site of a supply camp for gold seekers. The developers laid out 4,044 lots at a cost of $1,000 each and, in an early case of discounting, quickly dropped that price to attract more buyers. The town grew steadily through the rest of the 19th and 20th centuries even as its economic base changed from mining to tourism to tech. Home to both the University of Colorado and the Buddhist Naropa University (founded by Allen Ginsburg and others), Boulder has long been known as a left-leaning haven. But it is also a mecca for fitness fanatics of all stripes. Surrounded by 120 miles of trails and only a short drive to any number of spectacular scenic places, Boulder attracts runners, hikers, cyclists, and rock climbers to its environs. As with most university towns, Boulder does not possess a lot of grand residences, but many of its smaller turn-of-the-20th-century homes have taken on some of the quirky charm of their owners.

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