Bay Area developer John McNellis says that many real estate developers are betting on a Clinton presidency.

In a conversation with Candace Carlisle of the Dallas Business Journal at the Urban Land Institute’s fall meeting, Bay Area real estate developer John McNellis spoke about the future of the economy as it relates to politics – and in particular as it relates to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

McNellis does not expect Trump to win, and even said that many members of his industry are banking on a Clinton presidency, which has taken much of the uncertainty out of the election process.

"The smart guys have all thought Hillary was a lock for a long time. She equals the continuation of President Obama and it's four to eight more years of the last eight years. I don't think we have that uncertainty.”

McNellis has denounced Trump as “a blowhard” and “a blight on our industry”, and in his conversation states his belief that Donald Trump’s public status has put all real estate developers in a bad light. “It makes us look like bad Americans and puts us back on the menu as being the bad guys,” he says.

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